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Boracay Island, Malay Aklan, Philippines

In the 1930s, Lorenzo Lumbo dreamed of turning Boracay into a tropical paradise.

Lured by the southern island's pristine beaches, he and his wife, Titay, started tapping vast tracts of undeveloped land and coconut farms.

Today, Lorenzo's dream is carried on by his daughter, Elizabeth, who has since transformed portions of the Boracay landscape into Lorenzo Resorts.

Nestled in idyllic Boracay - a four-kilometer stretch of powder-fine sand and crystalline waters - Lorenzo Resorts offer the best of the tropics.

Each of the resorts - Lorenzo Main, Lorenzo South, Lorenzo Grand Villa and Lorenzo Villas - is equipped with plush amenities that make for a glorious holiday.

More than serving up nature's bounties and modern comfort, however, Lorenzo Resorts offer value for money.

Book in any of the resorts and enjoy the facilities of all four.l

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